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Want your pet to be featured as our pet of the month?  It is a great way for us and our community to learn more about our fantastic clients!

Share a fun or cute photo of your pet with a description/story by submitting the information to us in the form below. We will choose a pet each month to share on our website and Facebook page.


NOVEMBER pet feature

Frankie Manningsox – Miss November

Frankie was rescued as a kitten by the Toronto Animal Services in 2004 and she joined her forever family shortly after. She is now a wonderful senior girl who loves being around her humans. She even takes her medicine without complaint!

Frankie is a very active girl. When she’s not lapping up all the water in the shower, you can find you her pouncing on her sister. She frequently escapes out the back door, jumps over the fence, runs to the front door and meows to be let back in. Once she’s in, she goes straight to the back door so she can be let out again!

Frankie has her quieter moments too. And although she’s not a huge fan or strangers, children, or vacuum cleaners, she does love taking naps in the sun and snuggling up with her family.


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